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Exhibitions, as one of the most important commercial and economic sectors in Iran, provide a unique platform through their spaces, facilities, specialized personnel, and international exhibitions, enabling domestic and foreign producers and traders to showcase their capabilities. In addition to presenting capabilities, exhibitions facilitate commercial exchanges and foster both domestic and international joint investments. The calendar below includes all domestic and international exhibitions in the field of industry, installations, and construction.


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Exhibition calendar for the year 2024

The 31st International Exhibition of Detergents, Cosmetics, Hygienic, Cellulosic, and Related Machinery.

2024 April 17
2024 April 20

The twenty-eighth International Exhibition of Oil, Gas, Refining, and Petrochemicals in Iran.

2024 May 8
2024 May 11

The 31st International Exhibition of Agricultural Industries, Foodstuffs, Machinery, and Related Industries.

2024 June 8
2024 June 11

The fourth specialized industry exhibition (Sun City).

2024 June 26
2024 June 29

International Exhibition of Pipes and Fittings, Sanitary Ware, Kitchen Equipment, Bathroom, Sauna, Pool, Industries, and Related Services.

2024 July 8
2024 July 11



The 23rd International Exhibition of HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) Systems and Installations.
2024 October 4
2024 October 7

The 24th International Exhibition of Energy, Electricity, and Water Industry.

2024 October 24
2024 October 27

The 24th International Exhibition of Tehran Industry

2024 November 3
2024 November 6

The ninth International Exhibition of Hospital Construction, Equipment, and Hospital Installations.

2024 December 13
2024 December 16



The ninth International Exhibition of Agricultural Machinery, Equipment, Inputs, and Modern Irrigation Systems.

2025 January 22
2025 January 25

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