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Carbon Dioxide Ventilator

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CO2 Ventilator for the increasing plant growing and works with amount of greenhouse carbon dioxide. This system contains the backward centrifugal fan, silencer, fan box, structure, input signal port and ...



In the process of photosynthesis in plants, there are two main factors: light and carbon dioxide. Increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse environment will increase the yield efficiency. There are various methods for injecting carbon dioxide into greenhouses, with the most common being the use of carbon dioxide tanks and the use of gases resulting from boiler combustion products. Due to the high cost of compressed carbon dioxide tanks, the most economical method in our country is to use gases derived from boiler combustion. Packman Company, as the only Iranian company with the capability and knowledge to design and manufacture carbon dioxide injection equipment from boiler combustion products, offers this solution. This equipment, which is specifically designed for each project, will increase product yield by more than 30% by increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide in the greenhouse air.


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