Hot Water Boiler with CO2 Production Capability

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Heating in industrial greenhouses is carried out through boilers. The greenhouse heating system with a boiler has its own specific equipment. These include the boiler, burner, ground pumps, main transmission pipes, secondary pipes, fittings, and all the equipment in the boiler room to produce hot water at an appropriate temperature for the operation of greenhouse heating terminals. Typically, heating systems use floor heating, unit heaters, or a combination of both as heating terminals.



The horizontal hot water boilers of Pakman Company are manufactured in firetube and three-pass configurations according to BS-EN-12953 standard. The flue gases pass three times, starting from the boiler furnace, then returning to the pipes of the second pass, and finally entering the pipes of the third pass from the front door side. Pakman Company’s pressure vessels are made of steel plates, either from SA 36 material (St 37.2 according to DIN standard) or, upon customer’s request, from 17MN4 material (suitable for boiler construction and pressure vessels without direct heat contact), with a specified thickness based on the device’s operating pressure.

Underfloor heating: The design of boiler rooms and heating systems is feasible at Pakman Company. Heat distribution systems in industrial greenhouses are typically implemented as underfloor heating. The advantages of this method include: 1- Uniform distribution of temperature and humidity 2- Creating optimal comfort conditions for plants 3- High reliability.


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